The Wood Cycle Signature Collection

a signature collection

by Paul Morrison


paul's cycle history

While I enjoyed bicycling from my youth, this interest grew as I moved to Madison to study at the UW and an engineering career that followed.  During this time my grandfather and I developed plans for a working bicycle fashioned from nothing but wood and glue. Maximizing efficiency was not in our plans, but merely the joy of combining the Wisconsin hardwoods we both loved with the cycling passion that I had developed.

From its initial concept, The Wood Cycle name has held multiple meanings.  First among this is that we do the full cycle of wood from tree planting and woodlot management; to sawing and drying wood; to finished product production.  Second, our focus is recycling urban trees that need to be removed for assorted reasons, into fine furnishings and other woodwork. Finally, we cannot lose the bicycle side of the name.  While plans for the all-wood bicycle are still brewing, we are now launching our Signature Collection of bicycle themed fine furnishings.

the signature collection

The Signature Collection concept grew out of discussions about a pub table design for an avid bicyclist using walnut and cherry from their yard.  After framing out the size and function of this table I returned to them with a suggestion that their needs and desires might be met with bicycle-themed furniture.  The ideas started flowing and I quickly conceptualized a full product line on this theme; balancing good furniture design concepts with bicycle componentry embedded in the shapes and parts.  

Wisconsin Hardwoods lend themselves tremendously well to fine woodworking and working in urban hardwoods is a logical option given the urban/rural balance enjoyed by so many of us Midwestern bicyclists.  Every design in this collection will balance function and character in considering which woods to utilize in each product.

My goal with this Signature Collection is to create a product line that a non-cyclist will see as inspired and balanced design, and which the cycling enthusiast will see much more.

crafting the saddle series

My initial entry to the Signature Collection is “The Saddle Series”, a pub table and stool set.  The Saddle Series is named for the prominent backrest on the stools; shaped to mimic a bicycle saddle and to add lumbar support for a short stool back.

This design is what spared the entire collection. Each of the pieces within the table and stool reflect a component of a bike.  

saddle series design details

  • The standard top is 38” diameter. The rounded and grooved edge are intended to mimic a tire on a rim and also catch the small spill before it rolls off the edge. A subtle spoke pattern is cut into the top, but not such that crumbs or liquids can enter the cut.

  • Both the table and stool legs are built with the cross-section of a rim and tire; chocolate brown walnut in place of the rubber and either cherry (red) or ash (blonde) for the rim. The rim surface of the legs include walnut plugs for the spoke holes.

  • A wheel hub complete with spoke holes ties the legs together at its center.

  • The stool includes an aluminum bicycle rim for a foot rest.

  • The table is constructed at counter height, because who wants to spend the extra effort to climb up on an excessively tall stool after a long ride (or for that matter, who wants to fall off a tall stool after they realize their legs have stiffened up).

add the saddle series to your home

We offer multiple wood choices, but only to the extent that we believe those options provide the aesthetic fitting to the designs, in the woods natural color, and only using Wisconsin’s urban hardwoods. The saddle series is available in either cherry/walnut as shown below or ash/walnut as shown in the photos above.

The stool is available with or without the backrest. “The Saddle Stool-Elite” features the saddle backrest and the option without a backrest is “The Saddle Stool-Third Wave”. After all, you need to earn your way to the elite wave before you can rest back into the saddle.

The Wood Cycle Saddle Series Collection

Saddle series | individual pieces

Third Wave Stool

(w/o saddle back) | $1100+

Time Trial | 1-2 Stools | $1200 ea.

Peloton | 3+ Stools | $ 1100 ea.

elite stool | $1300+

Time Trial | 1-2 Stools | $1400 ea.

Peloton | 3+ Stools | $ 1300 ea.

Pub Table | $2000

The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin Saddle Series Signature Collection

saddle series | event


Pub table and four Elite stools