From tree to table


Or from tree to anything else you can make from wood.

The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin Inc. is a family business founded with an emphasis on craftsmanship and artistry over mass production. More than 90 percent of our work begins with trees that need to be removed from Southern Wisconsin's urban landscapes for reasons such as disease, damage, or construction activities.  With our sawmill, drying kiln and full custom wood shop on one site, we are able to work from log to finished product, often putting a client's tree into their own home or office.

Since our founding in 2001 we’ve focused on telling the urban wood story

In the video below The Wood Cycle shares the story of taking a tree and crafting it into a conference table. This story - shown through pictures - shares the entire process of a walnut log harvested on Drake Street in Madison, Wisconsin and crafting it into a finished product just 11 miles from where the tree once stood.

Paul Morrison, owner of The Wood Cycle, is a co-founder of Wisconsin Urban Wood; the nation's largest organization of arborists, sawmills and custom woodworking businesses aimed at using wood from the urban landscape. Paul also recently authored the book Tree to Table; Emergence of the Urban Wood Movement, available from Past 9 Publishing.

The Wood Cycle Signature Collection

a signature collection

by paul morrison

My goal with this Signature Collection is to create a product line that a non-cyclist will see as inspired and balanced design, and which the cycling enthusiast will see much more.

- Paul