Duane & Kristen - Waterloo, WI

Kitchen, Fireplace surround

My wife and I bought an older home with the knowledge that we wanted to update the kitchen to include mission style cabinetry.  The original kitchen cabinets were poorly laid out and did not make good use of the available space.  In addition, the kitchen table and chairs took up most of the space in the small dinette area.  We gave Paul some magazine pictures of cabinets to show him what we wanted our cabinets to look like.  He went to work and redesigned the kitchen layout so that we were able to fit in a dishwasher, a pantry and a booth table with benches.  We could not be happier with the final product.  Everyone that comes into our kitchen wants to know where we got our cabinets - they are truly one of a kind.  We recently updated our living room to include a fireplace and entertainment center and we knew who we could turn to give us the results we wanted. Paul again surpassed our expectations with the final product.

Reg & Margie - Waunakee, WI

island, doors, trim

While building our house, I wanted to find a special large pedestal for our kitchen island. I had seen the beautiful furniture that Paul makes and contacted him. Not only did he make exactly what I was looking for, he also ended up providing all of the base and window trim, interior doors, and all of the pieces for our staircase. My brother, the contractor, was very impressed with the quality of the work, as well as Paul's ability to provide materials on time. I was surprised to find the cost of everything to be very comparable with the other options I looked at a higher better. A real plus is that he took time to work with us, going over the options, and ensuring that we knew what we wanted. We are both very happy with how everything turned out. Paul has since built a cabinet for us to hold the TV and stereo components. The blend of different woods makes this a unique piece that fits the room wonderfully.

Alyssa - Madison, WI


I got quotes for (custom) cabinets from local kitchen design stores and lumbar yards that I assumed would be more reasonable but were all much more expensive than I expected. In the end I got a quote from Paul Morrison at The Wood Cycle in Oregon, WI. He was surprisingly more affordable and I ended up with the most beautiful, well made, well designed, unique, custom cabinets, all made with re-purposed local wood to boot! He even used some wood from our own yard. That's another story for another time but Paul helped make one of my dreams a reality. He is an artist, craftsman, land steward, and all around good guy.

Eric & Sara Schwartz - Wisconsin

kitchen, flooring, paneling, library, fireplace surround, conference table

As a real estate developer, I look for quality and potential in both the properties I purchase and those with whom I work. Over the past several years we've had The Wood Cycle work in the family room, library, foyer and dining room of our existing home. Each time they've successfully incorporated their new work into the existing designs. We trust them enough to simply give them the general concept and rely on them to create a tasteful and fitting final product. The Wood Cycle has a clear passion for woodworking and it shows in their work.

Fred & Jennifer Schmitt - Wisconsin

kitchen, fireplace surround, trim

We own two small businesses, where attention to detail is critical. When we started construction on a new home, we consulted with The Wood Cycle on cabinetry. We told them we were looking for a simple Shaker or Mission look and that we liked cherry and maple. The Wood Cycle took this idea throughout the house, with a blend of cherry and maple not only in our cabinets, but in the trim, fireplace and an entertainment center. They worked well with both us and our builder and created exactly what we wanted even though we didn't know how to describe it.

Drs. Bret & Lorraine Shillingstad - Wisconsin

kitchen, fireplace surround, book shelves, room dividers

When we moved to the area we were looking for a cabinetmaker to upgrade the house we purchased. We moved from a home with beautiful cherry cabinetry, but in this house the cherry was covered with a dark waxy finish and other cabinets were painted. The Wood Cycle brought in new cabinetry where the character of the grain was clearly visible and they used maple and curved wood to accent the cherry. They were also able to incorporate matching granite tiles in a room divider between the kitchen and family room. Over the course of their work, the staff have become personal friends, with whom we trust our kids. The quality and uniqueness of their work assures they'll be back to do more.