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See us at Madison's Art Fair on the Square July 13th and 14th, 2018

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Ash trees rise again in Overture Center exhibit

The city of Madison reacts to the loss of the ash trees. Learn what Paul and other local artists did to bring them back to life. Read the article here

for the love of wood

Paul talks what is special about urban wood with In Business Magazine. Read it here

Talk of the town | Interview

Paul talks urban wood with Channel 57 - Talk of the Town. Watch it now

Inside Urban Wood

Paul answers questions about the urban wood movement in a recent article in the Oregon Observer; our local paper.  To read more, go to Inside Urban Wood.

Tree to Table (book)

Paul Morrison has unveiled his Tree to Table book which covers the use of urban wood.  Here is a short video on the urban wood movement narrated by Paul Morrison.  

Go to the Past 9 Publishing website to order the paperback book or EBook

Diseased ash trees given new purpose Parnership promotes uses for wood from diseased trees

A partnership between the Madison Parks Division and Wisconsin Urban Wood, which The Wood Cycle is a part of is using urban wood for a purpose.  Read more here.  

Unloved by the city, Madison's infested ash trees finding another life as prized furniture

Read about how The Wood Cycle is working with urban wood in the Madison area in the article Unloved by the city, Madison's infested ash trees finding another life as prized furniture.

Unloved by the city, Madison's infested ash trees finding another life as prized furniture

The Wood Cycle is included in this article on the use of urban wood in the Madison area.  The Wood Cycle is a founding member of Wisconsin Urban Wood.  To read more go to.....Unloved by the city, Madison infested ash trees......

Sustainability ingrained at local woodworking business

Paul Morrison might not have launched the sustainability movement but 15 years ago he founded a business that was custom-made for it.

Morrison runs The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin, a small custom woodworking shop that takes a somewhat unique approach to natural recycling. Almost everything The Wood Cycle does begins with a local tree that is coming down for one reason or another. In most cases Morrison and his staff of six full-time craftsmen will take a tree that had long been a family friend and transform it into a warm and inviting piece of furniture or cabinetry for that very same family (and in some cases, a business).

Continue reading more of this article here.

Wisconsin Museum showcases reclaimed wood

The November 2015 edition of the Woodshop News includes an article, Wisconsin Museum showcases reclaimed wood.  Paul Morrison, owner of The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin is mentioned in this article and has on exhibit at the museum his 'Waterfall' dresser.  The event at the Wisconsin Museum in Racine goes through January 3, 2016.