Paul Morrison - The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin

Paul Morrison | Founder & Owner

Paul founded The Wood Cycle in 2001 after discovering his hobby was just as rewarding whether the end product would be enjoyed by himself or by others. Paul's woodworking skills are primarily self-taught, but was heavily inspired by several artists and craftsmen in his family; especially by his grandfather, a cabinet maker. After first exhibiting work in his teens, Paul was trained in engineering and spent 20 years addressing environmental policy before deciding to pursue his passion as his profession.

Wisconsin Sawmill

Brit McCoy | Office and Project Assistant

Brit grew up watching her father (Paul) design and create anything he could from wood. From a young age she spent hours in the shop, mostly watching and sometimes cleaning. While her shop 'role' has changed her passion for the craft continues to grow. Brit enjoys being a small part of the family business while also running her own business Homestead Wisconsin.

Wisconsin custom furniture maker

Philip Shoemaker | Sawyer

After graduating from Ball State University with a degree in natural resources and environmental management, Phil wanted to make a positive difference in the consumption of natural resources.  The Wood Cycle has allowed him to help take action towards a more sustainable use of hardwoods through its focus on a tree's life cycle and end use.  Phil has always had a passion for woodworking, but outside of woodworking, he enjoys building custom motorcycles, traveling, spending time outdoors, and being with family.

Wisconsin urban wood producer

Matt McCoy | Log & Lumber Division Director

Matt's background in landscape architecture has provided him with design experience and an attention to detail that translates well to woodworking.  He enjoys the outdoors and thus has found a place in the sawmill operations at The Wood Cycle.  Outside of The Wood Cycle, Matt enjoys sports, design, and spending time outdoors and with family.

Wisconsin Custom Cabinetry

Andy Lynch | Craftsman

Andy came to us with 17 years of fine wood working experience; bringing a variety of skills to The Wood Cycle.  Prior to this career his passion for precision craftsmanship was used in making custom jewelry.  During his spare time, Andy enjoys being an avocational archeologist, a rock hound, and dabbling in lapidary.

Urban Wood

Alex Stehle | Craftsman

Alex came to The Wood cycle as a self-taught woodworker, living in the Oregon area.  His style and creative background come from using whatever he could find in his garage as a  teenager and turning it into artistic pieces for family and friends. Alex's love for nature coincides well with The Wood Cycle, and when not woodworking in his free time, he can be found participating or fanatically watching any sports activity.