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The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin Inc. is a family business that creates unique cabinetry, furniture and other custom woodworking products. We are a long-standing urban wood business that is equipped to work from tree to finished product and love the opportunity to use a customer's own tree to furnish their home. More than 90 percent of our work begins with trees that need to be removed for reasons such as disease, damage, or construction activities.  We are also founding members of Wisconsin Urban Wood, an organization of like-minded businesses aimed at utilizing wood from the urban landscape.

We prefer craftsmanship and artistry over mass production; and like to see cabinetry, trim, furnishings and other woodwork within a home create a harmonious blend. Wisconsin's hardwoods accent each other beautifully, and we often incorporate multiple species or the natural character of live edge in our designs. 

Most recently, Paul Morrison, owner of The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin, authored the book Tree to Table; Emergence of the Urban Wood Movement that describe what it means to work with and purchase urban wood.  To order this book, go to Past 9 Publishing.