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Dining & Conference Tables

This is one subset of the furniture line that we really like to call out separately.  Because of our unique position with sawmill, dry kilns, shop and gallery on one site, and with our close proximity to Madison, we are able to work with a number of local tree services and other businesses to acquire some truly unique pieces of wood.  We then feature these unusual pieces and large slabs in tables for the home or office setting.  But as you will see as you tour these photos, we also go to the opposite extreme by taking hundreds  to over a thousand of our smallest shop scraps to build large conference tables.  Either end of this spectrum provides a completely unique table option.  But of course we can also do more conventional tables, again working from your own wood or other solid hardwoods from here in southern Wisconsin.

Dining & Conference Tables Image Gallery

Slab Tables
Slab Tables
Slab Tables
Slab Tables
Locust Conferen...
Locust ConferenceTable
Monkey Tree Tab...
Monkey Tree Table
American Girl B...
American Girl Base
Red Elm Saddle ...
Red Elm Saddle Table
White Elm Table
White Elm Table
Mixed Hardwoods
Mixed Hardwoods
Mixed Hardwoods...
Mixed Hardwoods Dane County Desk Top
Round Dining Ta...
Round Dining Table
Dougas Fir and ...
Dougas Fir and Barn Beam Counter